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Pacific Rock & Recycle Equipment Co works with leading Composting & Recycling Companies along with Major Cities, helping them evolve and expand their business and significantly bolster competitive advantage environmentally.

Cedar Grove

Since 1989, Cedar Grove Composting has diverted over 4 million tons of organic material from landfills, preventing 3.72 metric tons (C02e) of greenhouse gas emissions- the equivalent of removing approximately 670,000 cars from the road. Cedar Grove takes valuable resources and converts them in to earth friendly compost used to replenish urban soils, minimize storm water run-off, conserve water and provide all-natural gardening solutions that minimize chemical usage and keep waterways healthy for salmon and other vital habitat communities.


SYNAGRO Technologies, Inc. is America’s largest recycler of organic residuals for water and wastewater residuals management. Synagro recycles biosolids and other organic residuals from municipal and industrial generators. The company offers a variety of residuals management services for organic, non-hazardous residuals resulting from water and wastewater treatment processes.

Grover Environmental

Grover's business operates three composting facilities in Alameda County. One alone collects about 120,000 tons of waste a year and turns it into 80,000 tons of compost. An egg toss from Modesto, the massive Grover Environmental Products composting yard collects a large portion of Alameda County’s organic leftovers, including all its food scraps, garden trimmings, and pizza boxes .

Soils Plus

Soils Plus is a Topsoil and Landscape Equipment & Supply Specialist located in Sonoma, CA. They also provide goods & services for rocks, recycling, rock asphalt, toilets, concrete, delivery, top soils, loam, tiles, tubs, sinks, planting mix and nursery mix.

City of Bakersfield

Voted one of the Best Midsize Cities for Doing Business in 2008. The energy recovery facility, which will be constructed, will be able to produce about 1.5 megawatts of electricity. Bio solids are a byproduct of the treatment process. These bio solids are pumped into air-free concrete tanks and heated to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Under heated conditions, the bio solids are biologically broken down and methane gas is produced. The methane gas is used to power large engines that turn electrical generators. These generators then produce electricity and reduce the amount of electricity purchased.

City of Los Angeles

To help the City of Los Angeles achieve its ambitious recycling goals, Department of Water and Power has embarked on a comprehensive recycling program. This recycling program has made the City of Los Angeles a leader in recycling, with a solid waste diversion rate of over 80% from landfills — far higher than the 50% state mandate and the City’s recycling goal of 70% by 2015. The recycling program not only recycles office materials (office paper, cardboard, beverage containers), but also composts landscape trimmings from its various sites and has grass cycling at over 50 sites.

Magic Valley Compost

Magic Valley Compost LLC. Is based out of Jerome Idaho and have satellite locations throughout Idaho. MVC is a manufacture of high quality organic compost that helps to revitalize soil and nurse it back to life. MVC also offers support services such as soil evaluation and testing, consulting, delivery, application, and custom composting services. We believe in feeding the Soil a Balanced Diet in order to grow crops that will feed people a Healthy Balanced Diet.

Ovenell Farms

Ovenell Farms has been raising quality dairy replacement heifers for over fifteen years and five generations. Custom trommel screening allows heifer and beef raisers to dispose of their waste products while at the same time providing a soil amendment for crop farmers in the surrounding area. Cow manure taken from the Ovenell facility and run through a composting procedure produces “certified organic” which meets all certifications to be applied to organic crops.

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