2009 Peterson Pacific 4300 Micro-Chipper – For Sale

Peterson Pacific 4300 Micro-Chipper : Used Wood Chipper For Sale
Introducing the game-changer in chipping technology – the Peterson Pacific Micro-Chipper! This compact powerhouse is your secret weapon for efficient, high-quality wood chip production.

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This 2009 Peterson Pacific 4300 Micro-Chipper for sale is a compact and efficient wood chipper designed for residential and light commercial use. With a powerful engine, this chipper delivers reliable performance to handle branches and brush up to 6 inches in diameter. The machine features a feed opening of 12 inches by 15 inches, allowing for easy feeding of materials. Equipped with a self-feeding system, it effortlessly pulls in branches and processes them into high-quality wood chips. The Micro-Chipper is equipped with a heavy-duty disc-style chipper rotor that efficiently reduces wood waste into consistent chips. It features adjustable settings to control the chip size and a discharge chute for convenient chip collection. With its compact design and easy maneuverability, the 2009 Peterson Pacific 4300 Micro-Chipper is a versatile and reliable solution for small-scale chipping needs.

General Specifications for the Peterson Pacific 4300 Micro-Chipper:

Engine: Powerful engine for reliable performance
Capacity: Handles branches and brush up to 6 inches in diameter
Feed Opening: 12 inches by 15 inches for easy feeding of materials
Self-Feeding System: Effortlessly pulls in branches for efficient processing
Chipper Rotor: Heavy-duty disc-style rotor for consistent wood chip production
Chip Size Control: Adjustable settings to control chip size
Discharge Chute: Convenient chute for easy chip collection
Compact Design: Easy maneuverability and transportation
Ideal for: Residential and light commercial use
Year: 2009
Brand: Peterson Pacific

Current Specifications for the 2009 Peterson Pacific 4300 Micro-Chipper for Sale:

Engine: Cat C18 765 HP; 1000 hours on the engine since rebuild by Cat
Frame: 3000 hours on the frame
Chassis: New tires and Hub Seals
Remote Control
Lots of Spare Knives
Excellent Condition: Ready to Run
Price on Request (POR)

2009 Peterson Pacific 4300 Micro-Chipper