Mazio Industrial Grapple


Mazio Industrial Grapple
Mazio Skid Steer Industrial Grapple features:

  • Can be installed at any ISO 24410 mini loader
  • Ideal for collecting waste or residues from civil and industrial works
  • Supplied with two upper hydraulic clamps
  • Optional supplied with a side panel to increase volume on small grain materials

Mazio Industrial Grapple is a versatile and powerful piece of machinery used in a wide range of industrial applications. It is a hydraulic attachment that is designed to be mounted on the end of an excavator, backhoe, or similar machine. The grapple consists of two large claws that can be opened and closed, allowing it to grasp and hold onto objects of various shapes and sizes.

One of the main advantages of the Mazio Industrial Grapple is its ability to handle heavy loads with ease. The claws are made from high-strength steel and are capable of gripping objects weighing several tons. This makes the grapple ideal for use in construction sites, demolition projects, and other heavy-duty applications where large objects need to be moved or lifted. Another advantage is its versatility. The claws can be adjusted to grip objects of different sizes, and the grapple can be used to pick up a variety of materials, including rocks, logs, pipes, and other construction materials. The grapple is also useful for sorting and separating materials, such as scrap metal or recyclables.

The Mazio Industrial Grapple is designed for easy installation and operation. It can be attached to most excavators and backhoes, and the hydraulic system is easy to connect and control. The grapple can be operated by a single operator, who can use the excavator controls to open and close the claws and move the grapple around the worksite.

Overall, the Mazio Industrial Grapple is a highly useful and versatile attachment for any industrial project. Its ability to handle heavy loads and grip objects of various sizes makes it an essential tool for construction, demolition, and other heavy-duty applications. Its easy installation and operation make it a popular choice for contractors and operators looking to improve their productivity and efficiency on the job site.