PRONAR MBA 4512g Windrow Turner

The PRONAR MBA 4512g Windrow Turner is designed to maximize the biological decomposition process by rotating windrows of compost, which releases excess heat, allowing water to evaporate, and areaiting the waist, which speeds the decomposition process. It is capable of turning 39.3 CYD/HR, allowing for even drying and aeration. The machine features a 14.76 foot working width and a 214 horsepower Volvo engine, making it suitable for use on large properties and for heavy-duty tasks. Additionally, it is equipped with high grade steel turning knives which increases their lifespan and decreases down time and maintenance. Overall, the PRONAR MBA 4512g Windrow Turner is a reliable and versatile tool for farmers and composters looking to improve their decomposition management processes.

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  • Accessible entrance with a Hydraulic folding ladder.
  • A pneumatic suspension seat for the operator.
  • Track drive allows for easy maneuvering and control.
  • Independent operating lamps on the front and back allow for work in low lighting.
  • Operation and movement is controlled by 2 joy sticks and one touchscreen.
  • The windrow turner has the ability to lift 13.77 inches.


  • Volvo (EU Stage IV, 160 kW (218 KM))
  • Speed of Shaft: 0-220 rpm
  • Dimensions (length/width/height)[FT]:  13.12/16.96/15.09
  • Shaft Diameter [FT]: 3.93
  • Max. width of prism [FT]: 14.76
  • Max. height of prism [FT]: 7.21
  • Weight [lbs]:  30,864
  • Effective sieve surface [YD²]: 48.55
  • Loading Height [FT]: 9.28
  • Efficiency [YD³/hr]:  39.23


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