PRONAR MPB 14.44 Mobile Trommel Screen

One of the smallest mobile trommel screens is the PRONAR MPB 14.44 mobile trommel screen, with a 4.44m long sieving drum. The MPB 14.44 trommel screen is compact, but is a work horse and is designed for easy maintenance and maximizing your work load.

The PRONAR MPB 14.44 mobile trommel screen has the advantages of handling a large work load while also being able to be moved by a truck and toed on public roads without applying for special permits. It also has large access covers and fast changing screen drums when a new mesh size is required.

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  • Energy Efficient – Low consumption of diesel.
  • Easy Operation – Desktop controls to set and monitor desired parameters.
  • Low Maintenance Costs – Manufacturing uses the latest technology for fast production and precision.
  • Multiple Applications – From wood debris to municipal waste, the Projar MPB 14.44 will separate the debris from the dirt.


  • Engine*: CAT 1.7l, 35 kW (47 HP), Stage V/Tier 4 Final; ABB, 30 kW (41 HP)
  • Max Trommel Speed: 23 rpm
  • Trommel dimensions (length/diameter)[FT]:  14.43/4.59
  • Dimensions (length/width/height)[FT]:  35.07/7.38/12.66
  • Weight [lbs]:  24,250
  • Effective sieve surface [YD²]: 19.13
  • Loading Height [FT]:  8.46
  • In-feed Hopper Capacity [YD³]:  3.94


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