PRONAR MPB 18.47g Mobile Trommel Screen

The PRONAR MPB 18.47g is a mobile trommel screen on tracks instead of wheels designed for efficient screening and separation of a wide variety of materials. It features a large, 4.7m long by 1.8m sieving drum that rotates at a high speed to separate material by size. The drum is made of durable, wear-resistant steel, and is powered by a reliable, high-performance diesel engine. The trommel screen also has a large, high-capacity feed hopper that allows it to process large volumes of material at once. Additionally, the MPB 18.47g is track driven making it easy to maneuver on site without the use of a truck. Overall, the PRONAR MPB 18.47g is a versatile and efficient machine that can be used in a variety of industries, such as construction, mining, and recycling.

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  • Track Driven – easy to move on site without a truck.
  • Energy Efficient – Low consumption of diesel and consumables.
  • Easy Operation – Desktop controls to set and monitor desired parameters.
  • Low Maintenance Costs – Manufacturing uses the latest technology for fast production and precision.
  • Multiple Applications – municipal waste, mold, gravel, wood chips and wood waste, the Projar MPB 18.47g will separate debris from the dirt.


  • Engine*: CAT 2.8l, 55 kW (75 HP), Stage V/Tier 4 Final; Deutz 2.9l, 55,4 kW (75 HP), Stage V/Tier 4 Final; ABB, 30 kW (41 HP); ABB, 45 kW (61 HP)
  • Max Trommel Speed: 23 rpm
  • Trommel dimensions (length/diameter)[FT]:  15.41/5.9
  • Dimensions (length/width/height)[FT]:  31.26/9.58/11.31
  • Weight [lbs]:  30,864
  • Effective sieve surface [YD²]: 26.43
  • Loading Height [FT]:  8.72
  • In-feed Hopper Capacity [YD³]:  6.53


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