PRONAR MRS 1.53 High Speed Shredder – Single Shaft

The Pronar MRS 1.53 mobile high-speed shredder is capable of rotating at a speed of 1000 rpm. The MRS 1.53 has 36 hammers that are easily replaced, and can be changed to match the material being processed. This High Speed shredder is perfect for wood-based materials or green waste. The MRS 1.53 can be set up in an RDF configuration, where the standard shaft is replaced with a drum with fixed knives, making it a mobile mill. In this configuration, the Pronar MRS 1.53 shredder is able to grind the material used later as an alternative fuel. In both configurations, it is the screens that determine the final size of the processed material. There is also an optional magnetic separator that will remove ferromagnetic elements from the final stream.

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MRS 1.53 High-Speed Single Shaft Shredder Features

  • Fractional shredding sizes based on screen.
  • Drive anti-overload system.
  • Easy knife replacement.
  • Low feeder for easy access
  • Special RDF shaft can be installed
  • 543 hp Volvo Penta engine for reliability.

MRS 1.53 High-Speed Single Shaft Shredder Specifications

  • Volvo Penta 405 kW, Stage V/Tier 4 Final
  • Dimensions (length/width/height)[FT]:  38.54/8.32/11.94
  • Weight [lbs]:  59,524
  • Number of shafts: 1
  • Shaft Length [FT]: 5.74
  • Loading Height [FT]: 7.84
  • Working chamber dimensions (length/width) [FT]:  12.04/7.21
  • Hopper capacity [CYD]: NA