PRONAR MRW 2.75H Slow Speed Shredder

The Pronar MRW 2.75h mobile slow-speed shredder is a powerful and efficient machine designed for the first stage shredding of various materials, including construction, municipal, and concrete. Its compact size and mobility make it ideal for use in a variety of settings.

The shredder is equipped with a 281 horsepower engine and a hopper capacity of 3.2 CYD which allows it to handle a large work load. The slow-speed dual shaft shredding process, ensures that the material is shredded thoroughly and effectively, while reducing the risk of damage to the machine.

In addition to its powerful shredding capabilities, the Pronar MRW 2.75h also features a long conveyor off-feed system that allows for high piles or direct feed into trucks.

The Pronar MRW 2.75h also has a robust and durable design and a low maintenance design, with easy access to the shafts for easy service and setup.

Overall, the Pronar MRW 2.75h mobile slow-speed shredder is a versatile and reliable machine that is ideal for the efficient shredding of a wide range of materials, making it a great choice.

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  • Easy replaceable shafts.
  • Long conveyor for high piles or direct feed into trucks.
  • 281 hp Volvo engine for reliability.
  • Shreds construction, municipal, bulky and concrete waste.


  • Volvo Penta 7.7l, 210 kW, Stage V
  • Dimensions (length/width/height)[FT]:  21.98/8.15/8.98
  • Weight [lbs]:  35,273
  • Number of shafts: 2
  • Shaft Length [FT]: 5.08
  • Loading Height [FT]: 8.26
  • Working chamber dimensions (length/width) [FT]:  5.31/7.67
  • Hopper capacity [CYD]: 3.2


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